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Dave Helman - DRUMS

Dave Helman

Hello my name is Dave Helman....
teaching and playing the drums has been a passion of mine since first getting behind a kit back in 1972..

Having studied under Don Gibb at Drum City in Sydney , i went on to work extensively throughout NSW performing and "backing" many artists..
I have spent the last 12 years with my band Ella's Holiday ...a colaboration with vocalist Louise Bruce again performing at hundreds of venues throughout NSW..

Due to the care of my many teachers (David Jones, Gordon Rytmeister, Alan Turnbull) I am in a position to pass on knowledge gained to my students

How I Teach

  • reading skills (a must for any musician)
  • the latest drum apps via ipad (so much information !)
  • the help from the Vic Firth company in supplying learning materials and ideas
  • investigating songs and grooves from every era up to now (its a musical tree)
  • Trinity "Rock Pop" examinations offered from grade 1 to 8
  • 40 years experience in getting the job done