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Chris Sabatini

Chris Sabatini


Chris has been tutoring guitar since his teens, and is a constant working professional that has been performing since 1984.

Jamming with Angus Young of AC/DC and countless others his skills are seasoned.

Guitar, Bass, Ukulele.Rock, Blues, Folk, Country, Funk, Punk, and any style you can care to imagine. 
Chris Plays locally with Empire, and has recorded with Ploom.

Rock guitar is a specialty, but he loves all things guitar from entry level to advanced students.

Daniel Wilms


Guitar & Bass, Rockology Groups

Phil Archer

Guitar Tuition


Phil Paviour

Phil Paviour

Bass, Guitar & Ukulele Groups

aka ‘PAV‘.

Phil has been a songwriter since the age of 16 and writes in a number varying styles. Several of Phil’s songs have been published in the prestigious ABC (Australia) “Sing” books, and he co-wrote the successful children’s musical “The Funky Zoo” which ran for several years in Sydney. 

More recently he has been selected as a co-winner in the 2013 SCALA FOOM song competition and, with artist STEVE CHEERS, Co-wrote the top 20 country hit “Roger That”

Phil was a member of Tiara award nominated country rock band COWPOKE. 

In 2009 Phil, working as PAV, released the album HEAD SPACE and in 2012 he released an album of instrumental music called THE EDGE OF FOREVER as THE HARRY R PI. 

The most recent PAV release is EVERY INCH OF OCEAN. Phil played for many years around western Sydney and the Southern Highlands/Tablelands in good time party band GOOD COMPANY and in 2007, after a long break, he re-joined THE URBAN GUERILLAS. 

He has also in the past gigged with THE BONDI CIGARS. 

You can catch PAV as a solo performer, entertaining in pubs clubs and restaurants.

He is a qualified primary classroom teacher and has a Master’s Degree in music. 

Phil is a multi-instrumentalist, teaching guitar, bass, mandolin and ukulele.

Shane Pacey

Shane Pacey


Shane was born in Sheffield, England and came to Australia when he was 10 years old.

He began playing the guitar at 14. 

He helped form Sydney pop/rock band U-Turn in 1976, and by 1977 they had appeared on “Countdown” four times. (Shane remembers little of this period, conveniently)

Despairing of an 80s music scene rapidly becoming obsessed with haircuts and synthesizers, Shane turned back to his first love, the blues, and threw himself headlong into the inner-city roots music scene.

He often filled in for various members of The Foreday Riders and The Hippos, before joining up with refugees from those bands to create The Bondi Cigars, who quickly became one of Australia’s leading blues/rock bands, for whom Shane is principal singer, guitarist and songwriter.

15 years of heavy touring followed, interspersed with the odd break for recording.

The Bondi Cigars are still going strong, but a significantly slowed-down work rate has enabled Shane to enter the field of teaching.

Shane teaches all aspects of guitar playing, but specialises in bringing out self-expression through improvisation.