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LEESA Daniels - Voice


Leesa has been a vocal teacher since 2014.  She taught in Sydney, at Live to Sing Studios, for 5 years before starting at Powerpoint Music in February 2018.  Leesa studied basic piano and music theory as part of her singing practice, and also has a passion for dancing (trained in Sydney for 20 years).  Leesa loves musical theatre, and in 2019, she performed in local productions of ‘Ladies in Black’ and ‘Anne of Green Gables’.

Leesa teaches jazz, contemporary and musical theatre vocal styles – single students and small harmony groups (of 2-3 people).  Leesa is an enthusiastic teacher, and aims to make classes fun and approachable to create a relaxed environment to help learning and lift confidence. She focuses on building strong vocal foundations (technique, breathe, vocal health), as well as incorporating basic music theory, vocal expression, and performance technique (movement and use of microphone).

Having grown up in a musical/artistic family, which has continued with her own family, Leesa enjoys encourages others to find joy and expression in singing and performance.  Having trained in singing as an adult, it is still fresh in her memory the self-doubt that often plagues singers when starting out.  Learning to sing so often builds confidence in many other areas of life, and Leesa particularly sees this in the kids she teaches.  "It is a special feeling as a teacher when a student gets on stage, nerves and all, delivers a song and finishes smiling."